About Us

How Tech Line Australia became about…..

Steve Knott (now deceased) was involved in the motor racing industry all of his adult life as a race engine builder and engineer in all forms of motorsport as well as the Van Diemen Formula Ford Race Cars & Minister Formula Ford Engines agent in Australia for nearly 20 years. Winning multiple Australian Formula Ford championships.

Built and engineered for Schubel Engineering GMBH, the Jagermeister Opel Omega for DTM in Germany.

Since 1992, Competition Engineering has been Tech Line Coatings agent in the Australasia region. Firstly, using Tech Line Coatings on his engines and for teams he had been associated with in the past.

For many years now, Competition Engineering has helped setup many coating shops across Australia, New Zealand & Asia, giving both advice and training on all aspects of application of the various coatings on engine parts, exhausts, brakes, turbos, superchargers, radiators, etc. for all applications in the racing, automotive, marine, mining, transport and various other industries.

Tech Line Australia is an ongoing business with great technical support from Tech Line Coating Industries USA.