High Temperature Coatings

Tech Line Coatings produce a full range of the most technologically advanced high temperature coatings suitable for use on vehicles and industrial exhaust systems. These coatings include the most popular type of coatings in use today. MCX CermaKrome metallic ceramic coating, which is used by a wide range of original equipment manufactures to race teams and is applied by professional applicators in thousands of shops all around the world.

Depending on the resin system, most of the high temperature coatings will maintain adhesion above 1100 C (2000 F) base metal temperature. Although some coatings may display colour change at such high temperatures, it does not reflect a failure of the coating as colour stability is secondary to the protective function.

The temperatures referred to will be those at which the coating remains colour stable. The use of insulating base coatings and/or inside diameter coatings can improve the protective function and colour stability of the following coatings.